Clean, Pure, Organic, and
100% natural products!

This business was created with health, wellness, and affordability in mind!

Did you know that you are exposed to more than
80,000 chemicals in your lifetime???

From cleaning products, to beauty and body care products, to baby care products, laundry and dishwashing products, candles, air fresheners, and SO much more…

Many of the top, leading product brands are chock full of toxic chemicals, and even many “organic” or “natural” brands may still contain harmful ingredients, and are owned by companies who are know for including harmful ingredients in their products.

Purging your toxic products is a KEY part of living a healthier lifestyle and will greatly improve the health of you and your family!!! 

Our goal at Homemade Naturals is to provide products that are completely CLEAN, PURE, ORGANIC, and HEALTHY for your body, that will promote health and wellness… and not cost
you an arm and a leg!


Love the anti-aging cream! I use it every night. It’s smooth and soothing. Very gentle on my face. I’m looking forward to trying more of Homemade Naturals great products!💕


The magnesium lotion worked so wonderfully for my aching muscles. Definitely buying more!


The two items that I have tried from Homemade Naturals are the kefir and tallow balm. The kefir (raspberry) was the absolutely I’ve ever had. So delicious! The tallow balm, that I use on my face is very light and smooth with a nice mild scent. I definitely will be putting in more orders!