Kefir (pronounced keh-fear)
This AMAZING super food is a must have!! It is one of the richest sources of probiotics, boosts your immune system, is a powerful antibiotic and antifungal, great for bone health, can help fight high blood pressure regulates digestion, and restores intestinal flora, and more!
If you are interested in either fresh kefir or grains and live local (Eau Claire/Chippewa Valley area) message us today and see how we can get them into your hands!! If you live further away and are interested in grains, I’d love to ship some to you!!
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Kefir (pronounced keh-fear)
Kefir is a dairy product that is basically fermented milk with a variety of yeast and bacteria strands. It’s like a liquid-like yogurt that has some of the most incredible benefits ever!! It is one of the richest sources of probiotics on the planet! It also has a huge amount of good bacteria (over 30 different strands). These probiotics promote gut health and help to balance the different functions of your body. It also has a special probiotic that you can’t find in any other food or place in the world – a bacterium called lactobacillus kefiri. This probiotic is excellent for fighting harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli.
The probiotics found in kefir protect the health of our guts and help regulate our digestion and regulate how the inner walls of our intestines work, letting through the nutrients and stopping toxins and germs from entering our bloodstream. They also help fight digestive conditions (such as Crohn’s disease, ulcers, irritable bowel, etc…) and restore intestinal flora that is often harmed after taking antibiotics (because it kills good bacteria as well).
Additionally, kefir is rich in some nutrients that boost your immune system (such as folate and biotin) and excellent to get your immune system back in track, especially respiratory allergic syndromes such as asthma. Kefir helps reduce the inflammation of cells in your lungs and airways which close up and make it difficult for you to breathe; also, they reduce the production of mucus which causes allergic cough. Some of the nutrients also have a direct effect on germs – killing them before they can do us any harm. Kefiran, has powerful antibiotic and antifungal effects, especially against the fungus known as candida.
Kefir also has high concentrations of calcium, as well as bioactive components that increase the absorption of calcium through our larger intestines, such as vitamin D. Other minerals in big concentrations are vitamin K2, magnesium and phosphorus. Consuming kefir can work wonders for bone health!
Our bodies have a natural way of fighting these cancerous cells, called apoptosis, which is the programmed massive death of cells. The probiotics found in kefir are known to induce apoptosis of cancerous cells in the digestive system. (The enzymes in it also help decrease the growth of tumors and even make them benign).
Studies show that the daily intake of kefir can help fight high blood pressure (which is a risk factor of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, dementia and other severe conditions).
Few people are aware that many skin conditions and symptoms are actually caused by poor absorption/poor function of our larger intestines, and kefir works miracles when it comes to your larger intestines. Skin conditions as diverse as psoriasis, eczema and acne are heavily influenced by the quality of our digestion. Also some rashes and irritations of the skin can be relieved by improving the function of our gut. (Kefiran is also known to protect your joints and connective tissue, which is also affected by a poor gut function.)

Lactose is the natural sugar of milk, which is present in dairy products derived from it as well. Some people have an allergic reaction to lactose, so every time they try to digest it their abdomen bloats and hurts. The strands of good bacteria present in kefir can help process lactose, because they break the lactose molecules into lactic acid, which is far easier to digest.


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